I’m A Bigger Bunny Now!

I decided that since I’ve been talking a lot about the kits that I’d take some time to talk about Licorice and Baggins since they are both 4 months and Baggins is quickly approaching 5 months old.



We got Baggins at 2 months old and absolutely love him!

This is him now at almost 5 months old:

IMG_0101We’re hoping to breed Baggins to Truffle so that their kits will be available in time for ARBA’s national convention in Fort Worth, Texas!

Licorice we also got at the same time as Baggins at  2 monthsand she is now 4 months old. We are planning on breeding her at the same time as Truffle, but with her half brother Blondie.

Licorice at 2 months old when we first got her.

Licorice at 2 months old when we first got her.

This is a picture of Licorice now at 4 months old!



Appointment For the Runt

The runt of the litter seems to have some sort of eye infection so we’re going to take it in to get checked out by Dr. Wendy Feaga who is our vet for our less common animals (the rabbits) and have her check out its eye. I’ll keep everyone updated on how the runt is and what is actually wrong with its eye.

The rest of the litter is coming because the runt is to small to regulate its body temperature on it’s own.

On a side note I’m going to start doing a question of the day (QOTD). It might have to do with animals and it might not, it really depends on what I come up with.

QOTD: What is your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is: Dreams aren’t what you leave behind when morning comes. They are the stuff that fill your every living moment. ~David Cuschieri

Out of The Nest Box and Into the Big Cage

Today the kits are 2 weeks old! Can you believe it??? I can! They’ve gotten SO big!

Last night we watched them as they got fairly active and started binkying around in the nest box. Since they have gotten so big and were trying to find their way out of the nest box anyway, we decided that they were big enough that they could be moved in with Truffle. I took a video when they were first put in and here it is:

Blogger Fail

So, I seem to have neglected my blog a bit…the last blog I wrote I explained how I was checking on Truffle every hour to see where she was in terms of kindling and then once they were born I kind of stopped updating the blog…

Now that I’ve apologized at my being distracted by pure cuteness… The babies have been born and are going to be two weeks old tomorrow, they are getting so big and reached a mile stone this last weekend. They opened their eyes!

First of the kits to open their eyes!

First of the kits to open their eyes!

So far it looks like we have three solid black kits, two blue tort kits, and a mystery kit that is obviously some kind of tort we’re just not sure which just yet. One of the three blacks was born as a runt and about 4 days in we started to worry because it seemed to not be getting any food. We were given advice to wait until a week old and then step in and start hand feeding, but I felt that the kit wouldn’t make it to 7 days if we didn’t step in. The little kit is not as developed as its siblings , but is making quite a comeback. We are still watching her because she’s not in the clear yet. This is my current update.

Hope to be updating again in the very near future! If I’m not able to make an update in the very near future be sure to check out One Lop Too Many Rabbitry’s Facebook page where I post almost daily with updates on the little ones!


Feel free to comment! If you have any specific questions about the rabbits I might even do posts at request on certain topic if there’s a demand.


Calm Before the Storm

Just updating what’s going on with Truffle since she’s due today! 

I’ve been going up and checking on her every hour and so far it’s been pretty quiet she’s just laying down, drinking lots of water and not eating much, but from what I’ve been told there is always a calm before a storm. I’m fairly certain that this is that calm. 

Once she has had her babies I will put up some of the photos. As well as if anything changes I will be updating the blog! 

Send happy thoughts Truffle’s way! :DImage