Appointment For the Runt

The runt of the litter seems to have some sort of eye infection so we’re going to take it in to get checked out by Dr. Wendy Feaga who is our vet for our less common animals (the rabbits) and have her check out its eye. I’ll keep everyone updated on how the runt is and what is actually wrong with its eye.

The rest of the litter is coming because the runt is to small to regulate its body temperature on it’s own.

On a side note I’m going to start doing a question of the day (QOTD). It might have to do with animals and it might not, it really depends on what I come up with.

QOTD: What is your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is: Dreams aren’t what you leave behind when morning comes. They are the stuff that fill your every living moment. ~David Cuschieri

Out of The Nest Box and Into the Big Cage

Today the kits are 2 weeks old! Can you believe it??? I can! They’ve gotten SO big!

Last night we watched them as they got fairly active and started binkying around in the nest box. Since they have gotten so big and were trying to find their way out of the nest box anyway, we decided that they were big enough that they could be moved in with Truffle. I took a video when they were first put in and here it is:

Blogger Fail

So, I seem to have neglected my blog a bit…the last blog I wrote I explained how I was checking on Truffle every hour to see where she was in terms of kindling and then once they were born I kind of stopped updating the blog…

Now that I’ve apologized at my being distracted by pure cuteness… The babies have been born and are going to be two weeks old tomorrow, they are getting so big and reached a mile stone this last weekend. They opened their eyes!

First of the kits to open their eyes!

First of the kits to open their eyes!

So far it looks like we have three solid black kits, two blue tort kits, and a mystery kit that is obviously some kind of tort we’re just not sure which just yet. One of the three blacks was born as a runt and about 4 days in we started to worry because it seemed to not be getting any food. We were given advice to wait until a week old and then step in and start hand feeding, but I felt that the kit wouldn’t make it to 7 days if we didn’t step in. The little kit is not as developed as its siblings , but is making quite a comeback. We are still watching her because she’s not in the clear yet. This is my current update.

Hope to be updating again in the very near future! If I’m not able to make an update in the very near future be sure to check out One Lop Too Many Rabbitry’s Facebook page where I post almost daily with updates on the little ones!

Feel free to comment! If you have any specific questions about the rabbits I might even do posts at request on certain topic if there’s a demand.


Calm Before the Storm

Just updating what’s going on with Truffle since she’s due today! 

I’ve been going up and checking on her every hour and so far it’s been pretty quiet she’s just laying down, drinking lots of water and not eating much, but from what I’ve been told there is always a calm before a storm. I’m fairly certain that this is that calm. 

Once she has had her babies I will put up some of the photos. As well as if anything changes I will be updating the blog! 

Send happy thoughts Truffle’s way! :DImage

T Minus 2 Days

As you can tell by the name of this post we have 2 days left until Truffle kindles! I thought since today we went to a show and we are so close to One Lop Too Many Rabbitry’s first litter, I’d talk about what has gone on with preparing for kits and the different ideas we’ve been offered by other rabbit breeders. I think the saying goes if you ask 10 different rabbit breeders the same question you’ll get 10 different answers.

As a caveat, these are just what people have found most successful for themselves so these may or may not be relevant to your situations.

As someone who is in 4H I have had friends that have bred their does and their does have eaten their kits so when I talked to some of my mentors I got 3 different ideas 1 of which we are using just in case, first being to feed hamburger meat to the doe about 3-4 days before she’s due, the second being instead of hamburger meat to use a raw piece of bacon, and the third is to feed them a leafy green high in iron every day about 8 days before their due.

Another thing that we’ve heard of are situations where the doe won’t let her kits nurse, which we had 2 possible solutions for which were to let mother nature run its course or to bottle feed the kits until their old enough to be eating dry food.

Now, what if you have a doe that has a litter of 8 with 2 smaller kits? We’ve been given three different ideas in that case, the first was to cull the two smaller ones because a doe should never have more than 6 kits to take care of in this persons opinion, the second is to take the two out and bottle feed them, and the third option is to let mother nature run its course.

I’ve brought up bottle feeding kits twice now and I’ve read about a few different substitutes that you can use to replace a does milk. The two that I’ve found most frequently being suggested in blogs and articles are goat and cow milk, if you do use cow milk than you can always have an issue with the levels of fat in the milk.

I also finally came up with the pricing for our Velveteen Lops which will be listed in the For Sale page in the blog.

That’s all I have on the topic of advice for a newby breeder, but we also went to a show this morning. We took Baggins and Thumper, they both did really well. Thumper got 2nd in the Solid Senior Holland Lop Does and Baggins took Best of Breed and even though he was the only one being shown for Velveteen Lops the judge gave him some great comments; He just barely made it with his ears, his fur was a little too soft, great body, but needs a little more definition all the way through the hips, loves the coloring/pattern, and over all is a cutie pie. I asked the judge if this was a technical term and she said “Absolutely.”

We also bought a cage for rabbits we’re going to sell:


At the end of the day we were all very tired and Baggins most of all was ready to take a nap.

Ready to take a nap!

Ready to take a nap!


Bunnies Galore!

I would like to officially induct 2 new rabbits into the Strohl-Franz Clan!

At the time that I wrote my last post talking about me and my mom going to Indiana to pick up a new rabbit named Baggins from Indiana we were also talking about getting another little bunny from the same breeder who is the same breed as Baggins she’s just a solid black and she, hence the ‘she’ part is a doe.

Licorice and I on the floor in out hotel room!

Licorice and I on the floor in out hotel room!

Baggins in the hotel during our trip to Indiana!

Baggins in the hotel during our trip to Indiana!

Baggins and myself in the hotel on our trip to Indiana!

Baggins and myself in the hotel on our trip to Indiana!

Also, We need to let everybody know that we have officially bred Truffle! We won’t know if she’s actually pregnant yet, but when we do know I will totally blog about it! I can’t help myself! If she is pregnant than she will be due on March 11th, which is exciting and at the same time a little scary… I have everything I need except for a nest box and that doesn’t need to be put in until March 8th or 9th. It was really cool that when we bred Truffle this weekend that the owner of the buck gave us a chart that predicts the likelihood of each color she could have.

That’s all I have for you right now, but I’ll keep you posted!

Multiply Like Rabbits

I am SO sorry that I haven’t had the chance to post in a while! I’ve had a lot going on with school and other things and thought I’d just jump right back into the saddle and keep riding with what I’ve got.

There are a lot of things that have happened since my last post. I received an awesome birthday gift from my “fairy godmother” Jennifer Augustine, which was a six-hole rabbit cage that we refer to as the “rabbit castle.” We also bought a new rabbit and delved into an entirely new breed in getting her. The breed is called Velveteen Lops. It isn’t yet recognized by ARBA, but I’m choosing to look at it from this perspective: If no one decided to work with a new breed of rabbit, then we wouldn’t have any of the breeds that are out there today. The new doe’s name is Truffle—be sure to look at her page!

We also have two visitors staying with us for a little while! Their names are Heidi and Raven, and they are both Lionheads. Heidi and Raven are only with us until April, but until then they are a part of the Franz-Strohl clan. I also want to quickly congratulate all the Lionhead breeders out there who were recognized at 2013′s National ARBA Convention!

Now on to what you all must be interested in if you are reading this post and that is the title! I have made the decision to delve even further into the rabbit world and start breeding rabbits (this is where you oooooh! and awwwww!). Within the past few days there have been some major decisions made. We are going this weekend to Indiana to do three things: visit my family that I haven’t seen in forever, do my first college visit to Purdue, and pick up a new rabbit from an amazing breeder, Amanda Richards, owner of Richards Rabbitry. We are going to be picking up one new little buck! Here’s a pic:

This is our little Baggins (buck)!!!!!

This is our little Baggins (buck)!!!!!

This is our little Baggins (buck)!!!!!

While we are in Indiana, we will actually be breeding Truffle to Amanda’s buck, a chocolate! We will hopefully be breeding them on Saturday, so Truffle would be having her little kits on Tuesday, March 11!!!!